PowerUp Dart Aerobatic Paper Plane

PowerUp Dart Aerobatic Paper Plane 1

The PowerUp Dart is a customized model of their original pack that allows you execute aerobatic tricks utilizing those same paper airplanes.

That’s correct, the new kit enables you to do barrel rolls, turns, and loops using just paper airplanes, upgrading your excitement of erstwhile modest toys to a whole other degree. The most exciting part? Since you’re gliding paper planes, you may just make a replacement daily, with no concerns about destroying a wing from crashes or any specific common issues with regards to remotely controlled flyers.

The PowerUp Dart attains this capability by enhancing the kit’s power to allow your plane make abrupt turns, along with improving its speed to 25 mph. That’s correct, paper planes that fly at 25 mph. The brand new kit takes the similar design as the previous style but is 50 % smaller and 25 % lighter, all while including 30 % more thrust to the engine in the back to provide it with a 2:1 thrust-to-weight percentage. They also included a crossbar to the stick which offers better elevation and helps balance the lightweight planes throughout steep banks by providing extra holding push. It can fly for 10 minutes on one charge.

Fabrication is made of nylon-reinforced plastic material and carbon fiber, so these are practically unbreakable. From the appearance of it, the propeller is easily the most fragile item in the set, even though it is situated quite securely in the flipside, so it does not take the brunt of force during collisions. The nose of the rig, incidentally, features a rubber tip that will soak up most of the impact if in case it nosedives in the course of landing.

PowerUp Dart Aerobatic Paper Plane 2

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