Plus Winter Smart-heated Insole

Plus Winter Smart-heated Insole 1

The +Winter transforms the simple heated insole towards into a motion-tracking, app-controlled rig. They infused the heated insole with a bit of more technology than normal, offering a more complex feature than what you historically find in the winter item. They are not entirely life-changing features, but they do seem like nice things to have.

For example, the +Winter’s built in accelerometer lets recognizes movement once you start walking, instantly turning on the heating operation without the need to fiddle with a remote, in addition to switching off once you’re inactive after 5 minutes. This also includes an accompanying program (iOS and Android) where one can change the high temperature, with the integrated battery letting it keep your feet warm for about five hours on a single charge. Additionally, they throw in wireless charging, just lay it down on the associated charging pod to recharge.

Plus Winter Smart-heated Insole 2

Plus Winter Smart-heated Insole 3