Plum Wine – Countertop Wine Preserver and Dispenser

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Plum Wine Appliance brings delight to wine enthusiasts and makes wine industry something to look forward to. This revolutionary way of serving a perfect glass of wine straight from home turns the table of wine drinking experience. It appears like any typical appliance on your kitchen area, but comes with a well thought design to bring loads of intriguing technical features.

Plum is divided into two compartments and is able to contain two different types of wine. The preservation process takes place by way of effortlessly passing through of two needles into the corks of the wine bottles to which it prevents from oxidation. In no more than 90 days, the wine can be preserved.

Plum Wine appliance has built-in advanced features to display wine labels. Instantly, the wine of your choice dispenses to the tap and so you can immediately enjoy with every sip.


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