Pizza Delivery Robot Unit by Dominos

Pizza Delivery Robot Unit by Dominos

Australian fast-food shop transforms a military robot into Domino’s Robotic Unit, designed to spell the start of the termination of the pizza delivery boy. Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU), Pizza Delivery Robot, is a design of exactly what Domino’s claims is the world’s very first self-supporting pizza delivery automobile.

The fast-food merchant developed the robot with Australia’s new venture Marathon Robotics utilizing a robot taken from the armed forces and features a technological innovation, like Domino’s GPS navigation data.Pizza Delivery Robot Unit by Dominos 2

DRU has a sensory program that makes use of laser devices to maneuver obstructions in its route to travel unaided to a customer’s home address.

The 4-wheeled robotic device moves around speeds of 20km/h and is made to go on footpaths, tracks and bicycle paths.

When it gets to its location, the customer gets a security code to their mobile phone to inform the machine to open its closed storage space and provide the pizza.