Pakayak Bluefin14 Nesting Kayak


At last you can possess a performance paddling craft that gives up nothing and requires less time and energy to setup than it does to pack a one-piece kayak over your vehicle and tie it down. For current kayak owners, you need to check the Pakayak Bluefin14 Nesting Kayak if you want a less burdensome kayaking trip.

Similar to a Russian nesting doll, this kayak can fit comfortably into itself for quick storage in a small apartment or for reaching bodies of water that are difficult to access. With a weight of 55 pounds, it really is light, but its portable design should make it much more packable compared to lighter kayaks. As soon as you reach the river or lake, set up requires no longer than 5 minutes. Regardless of being so simple to snap together, the Bluefin 14 was designed to deal with any pressure and stress. Now you can kayak with ease wherever you want. [Purchase]