Otterbox Venture Cooler Can Keep Ice Frozen for Two-weeks

Otterbox Venture Cooler Two-week Ice Retention 1

Otterbox has developed something to provide the protection for your drinks and food in the shape of the Venture Cooler.

This heavy-duty Cooler is available in 3 types: 25, 45, and 65-quarts. Those capacities make it ideal for casual users, regardless of use – picnics, tailgating, camping or hiking in the woods. It features a built-in mounting device that will let you attach various accessories to the cooler, like a cutting board, bottle openers, interior dividers, a dry storage tray, cup holders, a side table, and dry boxes. To put it simply, you can transform it into a real station for eating and drinking.

Functions include sturdy carry handles that expand as tie-down anchors, durable latches which can be opened and closed with a single hand a slanted base for easy discharging, anti-slide rubberized feet, and additional wheels (merely for the 45- and 65-quart versions). It is available in 3 colorways: tan/green, white/blue, and camo.

Otterbox Venture Cooler Two-week Ice Retention 2

Otterbox Venture Cooler Two-week Ice Retention 3