Ostrich Pillow Loop A Quirky Sleep Mask You Can Wear Like a Scarf

Ostrich Pillow Loop 1

Ostrich Pillow which allows you to conceal your head inside a fluffy pillow that blankets your head on all sides. It is among those items that is both quirky looking and honestly helpful. Although the Ostrich Pillow Loop doesn’t feature the same whimsy sense, it is certainly a deserving sleep aid item.

An eye mask, it is made to protect your eyes and prevent light, which makes it simpler to nap on the airplane, meditate in your room, or take pleasure in naughty moment with your partner. We know, there are plenty of eye masks out there, but this one’s exclusive design certainly steps it up when compared with the generic sleep mask if in case you have sitting on the bedside desk.

In contrast to standard sleep masks that couple an eye patch with head strap, generally, puts on as an X-mark on the face. Once placed, the ostrich pillow will to black out 99.9 % of light, fundamentally removing any kind of optical stimuli.

It features microbead filling which spreads according to the form of your head and face, making sure the pillow can fit any person properly. That should also imply it is comfortable and pleasant, offering you an appropriate cushion whether you get a nap on an plane seat, an airport terminal bench, or your table in the workplace during lunch break.



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