One80 Headband Headlamp


If you spend a lot of time outside at night because of your work or hobby, it really helps to have a reliable headlamp. They illuminate your surroundings while enabling you to keep your hands free to work, carry stuff or look for whatever it is you’ve lost. Regardless of being so helpful, most headlamps available still encounter some layout defects, particularly with regards to giving peripheral vision. However, the ONE80 Light doesn’t possess that drawback.

Employing an impressive piece of 20 LED lights, One80 Headband Headlamp provides you with 180 degrees of lighting. Bid farewell to being concerned about whether you’re skipping something in that tunnel of light. Additionally, they charge instantly and quickly by means of USB cable. It only weighs a few ounces which makes it a perfect headlamp hikers with a lot of gear to trek around with.