Ohnana Tent Repels Sunlight Heat

Ohnana Tent Repel Sunlight Heat 1

The Ohnana Tent is ideal for summer outdoor festivals or family outings. The product features the capability to hold things much cooler inside, making sure you can stay covered in the daylight without suffering from the same distress you experience outside. Meaning, you can sleep in until noon without getting the heat of the sun wake you up – perfect for the long nights of celebrations folks do at summer events.

The Ohnana can keep its interior comfortable through the use of reflective covering on the tent’s material, efficiently shrugging off warmth and sunlight. Therefore it has little effect inside. This easy solution will keep the inner temperature around 22 degrees Fahrenheit less than traditional tents, which makes it the best option if you want to stay inside the camping tent during sunny weather. While made for festival goers, this will also make it practical for anyone who requires a cooler place to spend time during summer season outdoor celebrations.

To make sure air flows appropriately in the shelter, the Ohnana includes strategically-placed air splits and vents, which can perform their function without disturbing the Ohnana’s lower temps. For much better cooling, the camping tent features a partner electric fan that may be hung from the roof to help you get substantially comfier.

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