Motoped – Zombie Survival Bike

Zombie Survival Bike 1Worried that the zombie apocalypse will come true soon? Well, the Motoped crew have been preparing for it and decided to help you get ready for the worst with their Motoped Survival Bike, the Black Ops Edition.

Zombie Survival Bike 2

This Zombie Survival Bike was developed for doomsday – it’s meant for serious business. The motor unit remains the same as the initial Motoped (a modification kit that connects a 50-190cc Honda engine to any kind of off-road bike), but the add-ons were made for fighting the undead. You may choose from: hacksaw, a crossbow, survival shovels, an axe, a harpoon… hell, you may also obtain your 2-wheeler packed with a .50 caliber machine gun. Are you able to envision the damage that item would do? You will discover over twelve various add-ons to choose from, based on your level of readiness.

Zombie Survival Bike  5

Zombie Survival Bike 3

Zombie Survival Bike 4