Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer

Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer 1

One of the best work outs is hitting a sledgehammer on a tractor tire. It gets your core into shape to develop a solid foundation for all of your training programs. The Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer simulates a “sledgehammer” strike but bears a ball on the tip that will take the impact as soon as it hits the ground.

Sledgehammer training develops strength and core durability through intense muscle involvement and kicks your ass in cardio. MostFit has produced the first tireless sledgehammer that provides a totally convenient, affordable and portable. Effectively enjoy your personal sledgehammer workouts in your front yard or car garage, in the garden, at a health club, or in the parking lot outside the workplace. Execute hammer slams, sludge hammer swings, paddle lunges, along with other dynamic practical training workouts!

Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer 2

Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer 3