Monument Smart Personal Cloud For Photos and Videos

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Consumers these days are taking more photos/videos than in the past, whether it’s on their mobile phones, their cameras or sometimes on their GoPros. This leads to a high number of pictures and clips that must be stored and arranged, which apparently, needs a computer and lots of time. And as cloud services provide a limited option, these often charge money and at times cost you your personal privacy.

Fortunately, one Chicago-based new venture has created an efficient solution to gathering and instantly organizing your fondest moments. It’s now live on Kickstarter, Monument Smart Personal Cloud For Photos is a private cloud device that easily syncs and organizes content material from your own phone and digital camera, eliminating the frustration of doing it yourself.

Beyond just the storage space, Monument offers an associated mobile app that is in charge of easily passing the pictures and video footage in ultra speed. Syncing starts as soon as your Monument is linked to the home’s wireless network; but, you may also support your app’s configurations for distant remote syncing. As soon as it gets pictures, Monument makes use of AI to sort out those data files according to time, place, and even individuals (utilizing facial recognition).

Monument provides users total management over their albums. Photos and videos might be synced wirelessly from a mobile phone with Wi-Fi, or just by putting in the SD card from a digital camera.

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