Modulos Modular Table – A Table That Changes as Your Needs Change

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Modular furniture is attractive, as its capacity to change as your desires change indicates it can stay valuable for a long time. That’s certainly the situation with the Modulos, a modular table solution that is about as adaptable as we have ever witnessed.

Comprised of different component for the tabletops and legs; the table can be set up to any measurements, enabling you to utilize the same rig to develop a tiny coffee table, a big work table, or perhaps a 20-person dinner table. Just put and take off modules to construct what you need, producing for a genuinely adaptable modular desk remedy.

The Modulos features two standard types of elements: tabletop modules and legs. Nine distinct tabletop modules to choose depending on your needs. The Basic module is a rectangular wooden board that you could utilize to create a rectangle-shaped tabletop, as the Rounded module features one circular edge for those people who want to make tables with no hard corners. The other seven are, mostly, variations of the Basic module, all adding a new style to the mix. Those extra components include a pencil holder, a table dock, a cable hole, a tablet dock, a USB hub, a power outlet, and a charging mat.


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