Moai Aquarium Cleaning Robot – App-controlled Device Automatically Keeps Your Fish Tank Clean

Moai Aquarium Cleaning Robot 1

MOAI includes 3 parts: a mobile robot that moves outside the aquarium tank, a scrub pad that’s magnetically snapped-on to the robot by means of the glass, and a recharging dock that’s installed on the aquarium wall. The cleaning robot traverses the whole outer wall of the glass, going over every part to make sure the scrub pad will work its cleansing wonder inside. An ultrasound routing method lets it chart its specific position on the aquarium tank, as well as to memorize all the components it has already washed, while a versatile mapping capability lets you determine the areas where it should thoroughly clean, so it doesn’t try to get the sand bed where the rubbing pad can’t get into.

A built-in camera on the robot enables it to stream a live video of your fish tank over Wi-Fi, so that you can observe the relaxing marine displays you’ve constructed at home wherever you will be. It takes video in 1080p with a 120-degree wide angle, therefore it should offer some beautiful aquarium video clips that are good enough to show with your pals if you’re so inclined.

MOAI features an associated app where you can activate the robot to commence cleaning or video running at all times. Given that it’s mobile, the system can independently tour around the aquarium, transmitting an actual feed of whatever it runs into to the app. Additionally, you can manage the position yourself if there’s a specific area of the aquarium that you especially enjoy. You may bookmark your chosen positions, so the system can go back to it at the tap of a button. The moment it identifies the battery is low, the machine instantly returns to its docking place, so you’ll never have a robot stuck in a space just because it can’t make it back to the re-charging dock.



Moai Aquarium Cleaning Robot 2

Moai Aquarium Cleaning Robot 4