miniFumpa Electric Bike Tire Pump That So Small You Can Fit In Your Pocket

miniFumpa Electric Tire Pump 1


The miniFumpa is a compact model of the brand’s typical electric pump, which utilizes a trademarked compressor that feeds in the encircling air at high speeds and inserts it into your wheels. It performs the same way as the original, with one restriction: it only operates with Presta valves (the ones usually found on the tires of road bicycles), so if you want a pump for your big bike, you may have to get the bigger model.

Regardless of the small size, the tool can pump up your tires to 120 psi, so this is just as efficient as any normal bicycle pump. To utilize, just press the nozzle tightly onto your tire valve, push the power switch, and let it rip. Push the power key again to turn it off and take out the nozzle when the tire is pumped to your pleasure. It only keeps enough juice to pump up two tires from flat to 100 psi on one charge, so while that makes for a convenient addition to your daily travel, it’s not all that ideal for prolonged time traveling. Unless, of course, you carry a power bank along to help you charge it frequently.

The miniFumpa is available in a trademarked case design that highly lessens vibration while thermally-stabilizing the inner compressor. Doing this, you can carry it when inflating the valve with no discomfort, even though it will get a little warm as you inflate two bike tires in a row. It tends to make around 65db of noise during the procedure.


miniFumpa Electric Tire Pump 2

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