Mini Monster Truck Built Just for Kids

mini-monster-truck 1

The Mini Monster Truck is for young kids who are too young for bigger and real monster trucks. While this might be less than half the scale of a typical monster truck, it comes filled with many of the same attributes. For example, this mini beast comes with a Ford 4-cylinder gas powered motor and can get around 25 miles per hour. It is four-wheel drive and built with a manual two-speed transmission.

Is your youngster looking to leap over a broken car? The Mini Monster Truck features nitrous oxide for fast acceleration off ramps. Also since even the professionals can’t land most of their jumps, the vehicle features a two-inch steel tube roll framework that can manage rollovers. Lastly, the truck carries a GoPro mount under the windscreen because let’s be honest, what’s the purpose of getting a monster truck if all of your buddies don’t find out about it.
mini-monster-truck 2