Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypecar

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A small 1.6-L single-turbo V6 – that is the engine that energizes Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar. This little engine can drive this thing hard enough to face the Bugatti Chiron when it comes to sheer speed and power.

The vehicle can run from 0 to 60 in only 2.6 secs while reaching a speed at 217 mph. It does that thanks to its setup that couples the 700 horsepower engine to 4 electric motors that include another 500 hp to the combination, two of which push each front wheel, while one rotates the turbocharger and a second gets built-in into the car engine. The electric motors rotate at around 50,000 rpm which optimizes the present 20,000 rpm standard.

The hybrid drive also enables you around 16 miles of all-electric propulsion, so the kids of wealthy owners can use it to slip the car away from the garage calmly before using the engine once they are at a safe distance from their resting parents in the house. The powertrain design comes with a hydraulically-activated 8-speed manual transmission that was developed exclusively for the car, while a weight-optimized ceramic compound braking system guarantees you can take it to an abrupt stop if needed. The vehicle can recover as much as 80 % of power during throttle launch and braking, which it holds in the lithium-ion battery range operating the electric motors.

Obviously, the hybrid drive isn’t the sole thing it makes use of from F1 technology. It also receives a lightweight carbon-fiber body that definitely will help it in the speed section, together with equally light carbon wheels coated with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 wheels. Multi-link suspension technologies with pushrod spring struts will help remove rolling movements in the course of swift changes in direction, enabling you to take corners at high speeds without missing control of the vehicle.

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