Meeting Owl 360-Degree Videoconferencing Camera

Meeting Owl 360-Degree Videoconferencing Camera 1

The Meeting Owl utilizes a 360-degree camera to record video footage of the whole table. Once put into the middle of the conference room desk and someone’s talking, the built-in algorithm will trim the video footage to pay attention to that particular person, all while instantly making split-screens when many people are speaking. To put it simply, it makes use of AI to immediately slice the recording and change the stream to put the focus on any individual who is talking, making sure those online of the teleconference can get a clear view of whatever’s happening.

The gadget makes use of a custom-designed single-lens camera on the top to record spherical video footage, guaranteeing it will get an accurate view of each meeting person. It only streams 720p video footage, so it won’t hog all of that bandwidth, in spite of being a 360-degree digital camera. Eight omnidirectional microphones guarantee it picks up each word uttered in the room or space, while a 360-degree wideband loudspeaker can transmit all relayed sounds loud and clear. It has physical controls right on the gadget and an additional a pair of circular LEDs at to the top to make it look like its feathered namesake.

Meeting Owl 360-Degree Videoconferencing Camera 2

Meeting Owl 360-Degree Videoconferencing Camera 3