McLaren Invincible Shield Body Armor Gives You a Another Ribcage

McLaren Invincible Shield

Produced by McLaren Applied Technologies, the wearable shield is for an individual customer who requested something that will guard the torso after going through surgery. It functions as a second rib cage over the rib cage so that your vital internal organs are protected from any form of impact.

The McLaren Invincible Shield makes use of Dyneema threads as the main element for damage containment as relying on a hardened resin material combined with woven materials for impact protection. Those materials feature Zylon, which F1 teams utilize to protect their vehicles against side penetration, along with rigid carbon fiber to let it bend without breaking while holding heavy loads.

The armor is built to be defensive while being subtle, so the design is both lightweight and sleek. You can use it under normal clothes without causing you to look like you got a mascot outfit underneath. Fundamentally, it just makes you look like a bit more buff in the upper torso, allowing you only to tell folks you’ve been putting in added hours in the gym while having a heap of potent anabolics.

The McLaren Invincible Shield appears like ballistic armor, yet with a stiff shield like a boomerang floating over the upper body and sternum regions. During impact, that top shield diffuses the impact towards three parts, each of which features a distinctive gel material that attenuates the weight to shield the ribs and main internal organs. That sits over a sheet that extends as far as the sides, which sits over a bottom armor that is custom-molded to the form of the user’s body.