Maserati Levante Luxury Crossover SUV

Maserati Levante SUV 1

Desperate to get its mark in the high-class crossover industry, Maserati is introducing their very first SUV—the Levante. Influenced by an earlier model, the Maserati Levante SUV comfortably brings together a far more utilitarian visual with the unique design of this renowned Italian brand.

Regardless of few particulars being introduced before its Geneva Motor Show introduction, the Levante evidently shares comparable design characteristics with the Maserati Ghibli, specifically the front grill structure and three-way side vents. As well as with a starting price of around $78,000, this smooth all-wheel drive will match perfectly between the Ghibli and also Quattroporte in the Maserati collection. [Purchase]

Maserati Levante SUV 2

Maserati Levante SUV 3