Mandem Safe Is Designed To Hide Inside Shoeboxes

Mandem Safe 1

Similar to other compact safes, Mandem Safe includes a metal box with a safety locking system. As opposed to them, it is sized to match inside particular brands of shoeboxes, basically making use of the shoebox as an ornamental cover to assist in concealing its look. Doing this, you can hide your belongings inside a safety lock box that appears nothing more than a regular box that comes with your chosen Boost, NMD, or Air Max footwear.

The Mandem Safe is available in two designs: LX and SC. The LX is meant for hinged shoeboxes that measure 320 x 220 x 120 mm, similar to the typical Adidas shoebox, as the SC is perfect for boxes that measure 330 x 225 x 115 mm, much like those hinged Nike shoeboxes with semi-circular shapes in the lid. Simply because they’re measured to fit flush, the box should attach to the safe like another skin, while a glue strip on the internal side of the lid, enables you to secure the cover of the box to the safe, so the entire thing moves as one.

The lock boxes feature dual locking areas to make sure the lid remains down when its unsupervised. Rather than keys or a number pad for launching, the LX box depends on contactless smart cards that you just need to bring around the front of the box to have the locks to detach. The SC, however, includes a key hole on the side, which makes it a better choice for people who want a more old fashioned way of disengaging the locking system.

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