Luuup Litter Box – Clean Your Cat Litter In Seconds

Luuup Litter Box 1

The Luuup team guarantees that its “ingenious 3-sifting-tray litter product is the best and cleanest litter box ever created. Additionally, it may be the last litter box you will have to purchase. Currently, 2 million units of the first Luuup litter box have been sold, but the revamped model guarantees to be even better.

Its unique system makes use of 3 matching sifting dishes — stacking two of them jointly forms a good foundation, and the addition of the 3rd allows for the everlasting sifting mechanism. It ensures that when you have the time to clean a litter box, all you need to do is pull the top tray, and all that’s remained is clean litter. Interesting right?

Once you have thrown the clumps away, turn the tray 180 degrees and then put it at the bottom part of the stack. As Luuup says, the base tray is placed correctly when it sits as the same alignment as the top tray in the pile.



Luuup Litter Box 2

Luuup Litter Box 3

Luuup Litter Box 4