Lilium Electric Jet

Lilium Electric Jet 1

The Lilium Electric Jet is a futuristic, battery-powered plane to give you the VIP feels. It’s the very first electric jet capable of vertical take-off and landing. This means it doesn’t need an airport… just a helipad or 49 x 49 ft of flat barren space around your own home to fetch and deliver you to places hassle-free.

The egg-like shaped Lilium is a two-seater plane that travels pretty fast at maximum velocity of about 400km per hour with 300 km per hour cruising velocity. Powered by 320KW rechargeable battery, Lilium can reach a range of 500km and has 600kg maximum take-off weight and 200kg payload.

Basically, the Lilium is fully controlled by a computer system which pilots can fly easily and safely. But here’s the best part. This jet can be personally owned by non-pilots as well. Only fulfill the 220-hour training requirement and presto you’ll get the license to fly your own Lilium Electric jet.

This iconic jet was manufactured in Germany and will soon take flight into the market in 2018. Meet the future of aviation.

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