LIFX Tile Kit Uses Smart Light Bulbs To Create Custom and Personal Wall Art

LIFX Tile Kit 1

LIFX Tile Kit is a collection of 5 tile-shaped lighting devices made to be installed on walls; the system lets you beautify any room in your home with unique decorative light displays. It is like getting an abstract portrait on your wall surface, except rather than paint, it makes use of light to produce designs and graphics, making for a distinctive accessory for any home interior.

The LIFX Tile Kit includes 5 tiles that can be organized in any setting, although you’ll need to run a wire across the wall structure if you deploy them apart since they all draw electrical power from one electric outlet (or a power pack, dependent on which kit you purchased). Each tile features 64 individual zones which can show any of 16 million hues, letting you produce abstract-style images just by modifying how each zone illuminates. Those color designs, incidentally, can be static or active, so you make it appear like a variety of shapes moving across the wall for an incredibly cool result.


LIFX Tile Kit 2

LIFX Tile Kit 3