LG Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – Automatically Docks To ReCharge

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The floating Bluetooth speaker LG PJ9 will satisfy your mag-lev craving and stream your melodies with equal aplomb. It is, nevertheless, the first to emerge from a huge home entertainment electronics company, making it possibly the first item in the category to be going for the mass market.

The LG PJ9 includes a speaker unit formed similar to a less-than-rounded egg and a bulky levitation setup. As with many other mag-lev displays, the speaker will float while rotating gradually around a vertical axis, which makes it quite the view to see. The exact speaker itself can transmit its sound omnidirectionally while suspended for about 10 hours at once, all while instantly docking back to the bottom station when it picks up the charge running low, so that it can refill.