Larry Alert Ranged Radar

Larry Alert Ranged Radar 1

Occasionally, you need to leave you things unattended, regardless of whether it is a surfboard, a bicycle, or a crate packed with devices. In those circumstances, securing the items to a fixed structure with a lock is normally recommended. If that isn’t an alternative, the Larry Alert provides an alternate solution.

When initiated, the devic generates an unseen safety shield around any item using ranged radar technology, letting it instantly recognize when anytime the perimeter is breached. Once that happens, the gadget will deliver a warning to your mobile phone to tell you your items may not be tsafe.

The Larry Alert features a deafening siren that you may set to instantly switch on when the boundary has been breached, letting you have a way to terrify possible burglars without being present. In case that’s too crazy for your preferences, you can also set it to just take a photo of the immediate area (yes, it includes an integrated camera with flash) and forward it to your cellphone, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not to sound the alarm. There’s also a built-in speaker, so that you can warn off potential crooks yourself.


Larry Alert Ranged Radar 2

Larry Alert Ranged Radar 3