Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter

Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter 1

You’ll love the Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter if you are obsessed with the texture of your grinds. Kruve does not replace your current coffee grinder: rather, once the coffee beans are finished grinding, put them into Kruve, shut its lid, and shake softly side to side. The first filter in the triangular unit traps boulders (large particles) while the next, finer filter allows through fines (powder-like particles) — both which usually adversely impact the flavor of your brew — leaving a middle deposit of flawlessly consistent grinds. Exchangeable sieves are available in 12 sizes so your grinds can be as excellent as you prefer. Fines can be used in cooking or composted while boulders can just be re-ground again.

Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter 2