K9 Sports Sack AIR Dog Backpack

Ashley 1

Backpacks are universal with different colors, designs, as well as functionality. Now here’s K9 Sports Sack AIR Dog Backpack made for you and your pet. This canine backpack is like a sack but it’s designed to carry your dogs more safely. It is easy to wear and comfortable due to ultra-wide straps. Additionally, it has an easy pull zipper in front to allow your pets go in and out, or see the world.

There are three sizes available for this bag. Each has two adjustable side pockets to accommodate things like poo bags and water bottles. At the bottom part of the main compartment is a rest pad to handle your canine with care. Other features are the safety reflective material along the sternum strap slide and the clip for your whistle found in the front. With all these, you can no longer leave your precious pet alone as you go out the house for travel or anything.

Ozzy 2

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