Jetpack Men Fly Next To Airbus a380 Jumbo Jet

Jetpack Men Fly Next To Airbus 1Extraordinary video footage has caught the instance two daredevils called “Jetman” and “Jetman Junior” went straight into competition with an Emirates A380 passenger airplane in the skies over Dubai. The Jetpack Men Fly next to Airbus a380 at an amazing display.

The incredible clip displays Yves Rossy and also Vince Reffet as they magically rise around the Emirates airplane. The duo jumped from a helicopter, both wearing personalized developed flight bodysuits, that are said to weigh up around 55kg.

Not just does the video footage demonstrate just how crazy Jetman is, it also gives us spectacular footage of Dubai’s panorama as they flew over the of Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa. This is just not the very first time Rossy and Reffet have maneuvered over Dubai, the team also tried the task in May 2015, without the passenger airplane in tow.

Regarding the equipped jetpacks, surprisingly Rossy and Reffet utilize a simple carbon fiber wing which feature a six-foot wingspan. Equipped for with 4 JetCat P200 power generators that create about 52 lbs of force, the packs drive the duo at laudable speeds of around 125 miles per hour. Throughout the flight, Rossy’s team admits the pair utilized “very high power settings” to be able to keep up the pace and formation with the A380.

Below is the longer version of the video showing some of the behind the scenes.