Jabii Boxing Toy

Jabii Boxing Toy 1


The JABii Glove attaches to your tablet and lets you track your punches as it happens to offer you live feedback on game progression. Jabii combines a telescoping arm and rubberized dome with a handle for your grasp and an elastic band that wraps around the wrist. It guarantees you can sustain a good grip on the gadget the whole time. It makes use of a spring-based telescoping system that dampens quite a bit of the pressure from the exact hit. Additionally, it provides a helmet for additional protection during dome-to-dome combat.

The headgear and the rubber dome features sensors that can identify each time a person scores a hit. Once linked with the app, those hits can be logged as points, letting you add a virtual gameplay element.

Jabii Boxing Toy 2

Jabii Boxing Toy 3