ITS Tactical Kevlar Escape Laces


Being prepared must always be on your mind especially when you have a family to protect. Having backup plans is a must to survive and escape dangerous situations. Let’s say something unfortunate happens like you get tied up in your house during a robbery and you have to escape. You may either try to make a run while your hands are┬átied, or perhaps free yourself using the ITS Tactical Kevlar Escape Laces.

The ITS escape laces are the first 100% kevlar shoe laces ever to reach the market, the American-made shoelaces from the squad at Imminent Threat Solutions will function as a friction saw to break through zip-ties. This is made possible because of its heat resistance and super tough material. Available in 72, 60, and 54-inch sizes these laces can be used in sneakers, work boots or any type of footwear.