Ironate 3 Minute No Oven Pizza


Transform your food preparation with IRONATE. With this innovative kitchen product, you don’t need to preheat the oven for 30 minutes any longer. Ironate 3 Minute No Oven Pizza is able to cook your best pizza crust at intensely high temperatures. It really works on just about any cooking surface area, glass, induction, gas or perhaps grill or even campfire. It’s great for all types of pizza, whether it is artisan, Hawaiian or just a standard frozen grocery store pizza.

It warms up in only a couple of minutes, it saves time and effort and doesn’t warm up your house. You can now acquire a good, crispy pizza on your own to your own plate in only 3 minutes. This device was made to transfer the most energy into the pizza like commercial brick ovens thus cooking time can be held to a minimum.