Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed For People Who Can’t Wake Up

high-voltage-ejector-bedA British developer posted a video of his remedy for those who can’t wake up with an alarm– a “High Voltage Ejector Bed” that throws people from their bed.

Colin Furze, a garage inventor, uploaded a video to YouTube exhibiting his “High Voltage Ejector Bed” doing his thing. The vast majority of its component was put together by him. A regular household compressor powers the pistons that violently toss you out of bed. Gotta love these geeky engineers!High Voltage Ejector Bed

The video exhibits Furze being flung off the bed at progressively high speeds — at some point utilizing the bed’s high setting to throw a dummy up against the wall.¬†Furze also performs tests in the video while using the bed to aid him get dressed and get his coffee.