Inflatable Camping Pillow

Inflatable Camping Pillow 1

The inflatable pillow is your best choice when you travel or go backpacking. It features a smooth and ergonomic design, styled to support the head in a comfortable position while keeping it in place.

With a weight of 2.75oz, it is the lightest camp pillow available. Fold it then slide it inside its specially designed pouch which consumes less space than a soda can. This means you can bring this inflatable pillow in your bag anytime and wherever you go.

They use reliable and elastic TPU fabric which means that the camping pillow will never puncture quickly and it will keep its shape for hours. Additionally, it has a matte surface, a slip resistant fabric, and comfortable cushion. The specially engineered Two Way Valve lets you inflate the pillow to the perfect amount of firmness in seconds. You can also deflate instantly by simply pulling the second level valve.


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