Infento Kits Creates Custom Kiddie Rides for Any Age

Infento Construction Kit 1Infento features special kits that enable both you and your kids to construct actual constructible rides jointly.  The best part is that these rides can adapt and evolve as your kids grow. Your kids will have their own full childhood fun in constructing and driving out of this world rides. Indoors or outdoors. Under the sun or in the snow. There are no limitations. For small children, you can begin with the Junior kit to construct a walker, an equilibrium trike, a four-wheeled balance ride that may bring a kick kid scooter, a cargo, a balance bicycle, and a pedal tricycle with a foot podium to carry a person. Enhance it using the Creator kit to grow to a Big Wheel-style tricycle, a reverse tricycle and a down hill motorbike filled with shocks and a handbrake. Add in the Master kit to consume enough parts to build a sizable trike along with a recumbent tricycle, with 2 Snow add-ons for winter season fun. The main pieces of the different segments are manufactured from aluminum, providing them with sufficient strength to back up heavy weights and tough handling. Not one of the skis have razor-sharp parts nor do the bicycles have chain belts, making certain no area of the ride can end up harming the youngsters whether in the middle of play or perhaps during building something incredible.

Infento Construction Kit 2

Infento Construction Kit 3

Infento Construction Kit 4