Huru Travel Backpack – Water Resistant and Expandable to Almost Double Its Size

Huru Travel Backpack 1

The Huru backpack is durable, reliable, and water-resistant, with lots of room to carry everything you will need for day to day commutes or a journey to the far side of the world.

The backpack is well-constructed, which makes it an outstanding option for use both outdoors and on the streets. Its design has a very rugged and functional look. And since its primary compartment expands from a volume of 24 liters to 40 liters, it has the ideal amount of space.

The backpack also features a detachable waist bag which you can use as an over-the-shoulder sling, as well. This pack provides an astonishing amount of cargo space for transporting around small objects. It also makes it easier and more accessible to place the Huru behind in a hotel room or vehicle if you don’t want to bring the full pack the entire day.

Constructed from robust and water-resistant Cordura materials, and matched with first-class zippers and hooks, the Huru impresses with its general design quality. This results in a high level of toughness but brings extra pounds too. As stated, this bag is on the bulky side even before you start including anything to its interior. Put in a laptop, clothes, a digital camera, and other gears, and it starts to feel huge quickly. That might not make it the smartest choice for those trying to travel light, but the bag is nearly unbreakable and should make a great travel buddy for many many years.




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