HP Z VR Backpack PC

HP Z VR Backpack PC 1

The HP Z VR Backpack PC is made to be utilized as a backpack when operating VR modules, enabling users to move easily while experiencing their virtual activities. Similar to other backpack PCs, it will allow customers to be directly engaged and also mobile throughout their VR encounters without needing to either be limited to a seat or risk stumbling on cables. Its main features are two batteries for operating the rig. It is possible to swap one out without sacrificing power entirely, letting you execute hot swaps once the low-power indicator begins dashing.

Labeled as the “most potent wearable Virtual Reality PC ever produced.” The Backpack PC has an i7, a Nvidia Quadro GPU, and 32 gigabytes of dual-channel RAM. It features as much power as most top of the range gaming PCs (despite without the latter’s substantial cooling demands), so it should deal with any resource-intensive content-creation application with relative easiness. When you’re not operating VR devices, the PC features a dock that you may use to convert it into a desktop, with connections for two 4K screens (HDMI and also Mini-DP) and comprehensive heaping of slots.

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