Hotel Suites Are Glass Pods on Cliffs

Skylodge Adventure SuitesTourists are now able to spend the evening a thousand feet above the ground at the Sacred Valley at Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru.  It is the world’s first hanging hotel, and adventurers can rest underneath the stars in a translucent room high on cliffs than on the boring ground. What makes it more exciting? You can then zip-line towards the ground the next day. Once they are checked in, visitors have full accessibility to the capsule, which can be 24 feet long and 8 ft . tall, and created of entirely translucent polycarbonate panels and light weight aluminum to ensure safety from nature’s elements. But do not worry, there are drapes, just in case you require some privacy. These are hotel suites after all, therefore every single capsule is equipped with quality bed mattresses, lighting, and a dry environmental toilet and drain.Skylodge Adventure Suites 3Skylodge Adventure Suites 2