Hopii Countertop Beer Brewer

Hopii Countertop Beer Brewer 1

HoPii Countertop Beer Brewer is a device that will make your home brewing system easy and fast. It allows you to directly put all the ingredients in the chamber, pick the recipe and wait for a few days for it to alert you to serve your beer.

The Home Brewing device wants to simplify the process, so it lets you order the beer kits you want online which contains all the things you need to make a beer included in the lineup. All kits feature a 3-liter bottler of wort, a pack of yeast, and a load of other ingredients which you can all put in the chamber for easy brewing.

HoPii uses a closed-loop smart sensor and sophisticated program to monitor and manage the fermentation process. It controls the temperature and pressure inside the machine to ensure the brewing process is moving correctly. From the raw ingredients, it can produce 3 liters of well-made beer. You can keep the beer inside the machine or remove the bottle to transfer it to the fridge for another batch.



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