Head Case Suitcase Cover Wraps Your Face Onto Your Travel Luggage

Head Case Suitcase Cover 1


The Head Case Suitcase Cover allows you to personalize your luggage with your face or anything you want to make it your own. A spandex cover with a huge face printed on it, the cover will cover your luggage, so that you can make it obvious who owns that bag. It’s same as placing stickers on your luggage to make them simpler to distinguish, except with this thing, it’s an impermanent cover that you can put on whenever it’s necessary and slip off when it isn’t.

The Head Case Suitcase Cover is available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Every single one is made from a flexible spandex and polyester combination. It is built to suit all regular suitcase profiles out there, so it features openings on spots where handles are positioned, making sure you won’t have any difficulty moving your luggage around, regardless of whether you want to drag it behind you or bring it in one hand.

Although they will probably allow whatever pictures you want to be printed on the cover, your face coated around the luggage in full color certainly creates a distinctive feature to your travel tool. To buy, just submit a picture of your face (or whoever’s face you wish printed on the cover), and you’re ready. Be careful to be sure you upload a high-resolution picture, as you may know since they’re likely to blow it up on a flexible material, so the more pixels you submit, the better it’s sure to look. They print the same image on both sides, as well, so you will be able to quickly identify your luggage whether it’s fronting one way or the other.

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Head Case Suitcase Cover 3


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