Play Retro Video Games While Lounging in Your Harow Arcade Sofa

Harow Arcade Sofa 1

The Harow Arcade Sofa is, fundamentally, a two-seat sofa with a lounger shape that’s developed on a frame designed to appear like an arcade cabinet. The truth is, it seems all manners of soothing, from the smooth cushions to the ample seating to the somewhat reclined backrest. It offers a cabinet made from reused wood, with metal beading on the sides for highlight and a couple of steel legs, switching out a partially encased seating furnishings, so you can concentrate on the game out front while disregarding anything else on the outside.

It is offered in some variations, beginning with the Classic, which provides the cabinet a white coat with distressed gray features and black beading. For individuals who want something more vibrant, they possess a broad range of styles. Given that each unit is made to order, you can seek customized styles, given that you’re ready to invest the cash, since that nothing about these kinds of furnishings imply it’s going to be anywhere in the reasonable range.

Harow Arcade Sofa 2

Harow Arcade Sofa 3

Harow Arcade Sofa 4