Hammocraft Hammock Raft


Enjoying the lake while riding a raft with friends could be everybody’s dream leisure activity. But, how about in a Hammock raft? Introducing the Hammocraft Hammock Raft, a raft that can be installed with up to 5 hammocks for you and your friends.

The Hammocraft is built using a lightweight aluminum structure that is placed on top of inflatable paddleboards, enabling you to hammock down a stream or across a lake. The floatation device package doesn’t include the hammocks and paddleboards. You will be purchasing your own, and the majority of them are pretty affordable.

Bring your closest friends, your magazines, sunblock and your favorite snack and hop in. Enjoy the amazing view of the forest, the cool breeze of the air and the company of your friends as you swing your hammock in the middle of the lake. Buy It Here