Guy Makes World’s Brightest LED Flashlight – Can Light Up Entire Baseball Field

90,000 lumen LED flashlightOccasionally, you must shed a little light on whatever you are trying to do, and other occasions you have to flood the whole space with light vivid enough to make a vampire to blast into fire. The latter is definitely what can be done using this DIY 1000W flashlight that produces 90,000 lumens of light.

The engineer doesn’t provide every piece of information about how precisely he extracted off this lighting task. What he does reveal is that he utilized ten 100W LED light chips organized in a line. To help handle the enormous heat production that all of those 100W LEDs creates, he joined them all to a huge heatsink with thermal grease.

Every single one of the LED chips features its own driver that is linked straight to the heatsink with what seems to be safety cable. The drivers are employed to take the 10V power from the battery pack and bump that as much as around 35V that the LEDs must operate.

The yellow-colored glass lenses over all of the LEDs are employed to create the rays of light created about 60-degrees. The heat production from this substantial DIY flash light must be extraordinary. The dual battery power connected to the massive torch provide the works about 10 minutes of usage per charge. Take a look at the video clip below to spot the World’s Brightest LED Flashlight in motion.