Grizzly 85 Magazine Fed Shotgun

The Grizzly 85 Magazine Fed Shotgun perfectly suits your requirements of a badass shotgun. Everbody knows shotguns are strong, lethal, and occasionally can easily prevent a gun fight simply due to the threat that shotguns have. However, the disadvantage in a shotgun is the time it squanders to stack the gun after several shots. The Dominion Arms has created a shotgun that makes use of a magazine and it’s super light weight! Now, shooters can reload a full clip just as fast as a handgun. Who knew that the shotgun could become a lot more intimidating. If you haven’t already check out the video of this little beast in action.

Grizzly 85 Magazine Fed ShotgunGrizzly 85 Magazine Fed Shotgun 3

Grizzly 85 Magazine Fed Shotgun 2