Google Clips Camera Uses Artificial Intelligence to Take Photos on its Own

Google Clips Camera 1

Google Clips is a small camera that automatically shoots and captures video clips for you anytime and anywhere. The camera may also be programmed to automatically start and stop recording which lets you capture a spontaneous moment that a mobile camera or DSLR will not be able to provide.

The device doesn’t just randomly capture videos, instead it makes use of Google’s smart AI which identifies moments or events that need to be captured. Google prefers the term “Motion Photos” for all footage taken by the device.

The camera is like a video diary or a life-logging device which you can also use to capture photos. However, it is not like other devices that you have to carry or wear around your neck. It must be installed on a stable flat surface like on your wall or table for a more efficient function. The design makes it a perfect recording device for any planned or unplanned events in your house.

It also includes a learning program that can quickly recognize events and activities that you might need to capture. It also boasts a face-recognizing program that doesn’t just recognize your family’s faces but even your pets. The manual recordings will help inform the AI about the things you want to capture on video, letting it recognize similar moments on its own in the future.

Google Clips Camera 2

Google Clips Camera 3