Gocamp Camper Van Rental

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GoCamp is offering a camper van rental service. They have a fleet of Vanagons and Eurovans, all of these have been customized to be fully-equipped camper vans. By request, they can add all the camping gear you require for the trip, too, hence no need to purchase equipment that you most likely won’t use lots of times a year.

Every single GoCamp van features front swivel seats, to have it facing the street while you drive and get it facing the fire once you have settled down at camp. It offers room for sleeping around four people: 2 in the van utilizing the fold-down back seats and two at the pop-up tent over the top, with either a complete complement of beddings or perhaps sleeping bags already integrated when you select the vehicle package. Going to carry more than four people? The outfit may also add overflow tents and additional sleeping bags, even though each add-on includes an extra charge.

For cooking on the run, each van includes a countertop, Coleman stove, and a functioning sink for clean-up, along with all the cooking equipment, knives and forks, and tableware.

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