Glowforge the 3D Laser Printer

Glowforge 3D laser printer 1The publicity and popularity that surrounds the 3D printing technology brought so many forms and features allowing us to create more realistic and functional items from a printer. Programmer and marketer, Dan Shapiro, is constructing a brand new form of 3D printer. Which pretty much isn’t a printer model in any way; it’s a laser cutting device known as Glowforge.

Laser cutters are devices that cut and also engrave flat product – like acrylic, plywood, candy, leather material, cardboard, seashells, decanter or glass, also sheets of dried seaweed. At present, Glowforge unveiled a low-price laser cutter that bangs away the competitors at a considerably cheaper price.
Glowforge 3D laser printer 2


Glowforge makes use of a ray of light the size of a human hair to trim, engrave, and also form styles from a number of construction components. Glowforge’s onboard video cameras are able to slice and engrave instantly over top of your illustration. From a doodle to a diagram to a work of art, you’re a single switch away from a completed item. Or even, scan sketches and resize, clone, customize & modify them right into Glowforge software program.

Shapiro claims the 3D Laser Printer will likely be in a position to cut timber, textiles, leather material, paper, linoleum, food items and some plastics. This can also have the ability to engrave decanter or glass and stainless steel.