Glock Nintendo Zapper Custom Handgun

Glock Nintendo Zapper Custom Paint 1

A custom-made firearms maker in Texas created a Custom Glock Handgun to look like a Nintendo Zapper, the famous light gun that sold with countless of Nintendo Entertainment Systems in the 1980’s.

Designed with such an inspired customization, the gun was constructed by Texas-based device prototyping firm Precision Syndicate. Shortly after issuing photos to their Facebook page, the business acquired large numbers of messages which range from individuals debating the sensibilities for creating this kind of a firearm to sincere queries about how to buy the product. Regrettably, if you really want to own one, Precision Syndicate publicized that this item will NOT be mass produced for acquisition. Obviously, this is a novel concept but as gun crime involving minors remains prevalent in US it’s best this product stays as a concept.

Glock Nintendo Zapper Custom Paint 2