The Germaphobes Keychain Keeps Your Fingers From Coming In Contact With Handles

The Germaphobes Keychain 1

Reduce your daily hand washes and sanitizing by using a germaphobe keychain! Yes, it keeps your fingers from coming in contact with germ-infested public property. It lets you swiftly slip your fingers inside and stay away from having to touch unpleasant things like bus poles and door handles.

It is perfect if you do not like coming into contact with door handles. Who would like to touch that public toilet door handle soon after washing their hands? We all know that public restrooms are harbors for germs. It is a fact that numerous people do not wash their hands and fingers after using a bathroom. They often use the same restroom door handles as you and move any germs to your own hands. It sort of defeats the purpose of washing your hands. That’s why this little EDC device performs.



The Germaphobes Keychain 2

The Germaphobes Keychain 3

The Germaphobes Keychain 4