Frontrow Wearable Camera – The Best Design We’ve Seen

Frontrow Wearable Camera Lanyard Clip 1

Like related wearable camera devices, the gadget mounts on a lanyard for keeping around your neck and capturing everything you come across during the day. Unlike the other, it doesn’t look strange or obtrusive. Apart from the lanyard, it also features a magnetic clip that you may use to clip it on clothes, set it down on a desk, or attach it to the refrigerator door.

FrontRow offers a semi-teardrop form that measures 2.3 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches, with the primary camera lens rests on top. An 8-megapixel camera functions as its main shooter, documenting the occurrences with a 148-degree field of view. It can shoot 1080p videos at an optimum frame rate of 30 fps, with optical image leveling making sure your videos aren’t unstable or jittery at any particular time. Do note, the battery is only able to keep it documenting for about two hours maximum (with a 50-hour reserve), so if you intend to utilize it for longer filming, be sure to carry a power bank with you.

In contrast to many wearable video cameras, this thing can work independently of its application. That’s because it offers a 1 .96-inch round touchscreen display screen (640 x 572 resolution) on the other side where you can get the menu and select among the various shooting choices. You can also utilize it to see what the video camera is viewing anytime, so you can continue to keep your mobile phone in your pocket and always have a full mobile setup for capturing pictures and videos. There’s a five-megapixel digital camera over the screen, by the way, if you decide to shoot selfies or video yourself without having your phone.

FrontRow features 32GB of built-in storage so that you can save a significant load of media before having to move it. As you can, naturally, move media to your mobile phone, the gadget includes Wi-Fi that you may use to submit media to Dropbox, along with Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. It additionally supports live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to help you choose to live stream on a whim without a significant amount of setup.


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